Guide Rod Instructions

1.   Remove magazine and ensure pistol is unloaded

2.   Pull slide to rear until disassembly notch is aligned with the rear of the slide stop 

3.   Pull out slide stop

4.   Push out barrel fixing pin from right to left

5.   Remove barrel screw with allen wrench provided with your pistol

6.   Remove slide from lower receiver by sliding forward

7.   Depress recoil spring plug and while keeping pressure on plug turn barrel bushing 1/4 

      turn clockwise

8.   Slowly release pressure from barrel spring plug and remove

9.   Remove guide rod Spring

10.   Remove guide rod by pushing it forward slightly and pulling up on rear of guide rod

11.    Remove buffer and buffer retaining ring from factory guide rod and place on extended 

   guide rod

12.   Assemble pistol in reverse order