Thread Adapter Instructions

Thread Adapter


1.  Remove magazine and ensure weapon is unloaded.

2.  Lock slide to rear using the slide lock.

3.  Remove the factory thread cap by turning it counter clockwise using the open ended 

   wrench provided with your pistol.

4.  Clean threads with rubbing alcohol and dry.

5.   Place a small amount of removable thread locker on barrel threads.  Ensure the

    thread-locker does not get on 1/2 X 28 threads or thread protector.  You may

    remove GSG Pro thread protector to ensure this does not happen.    

6.  Screw the 1/2 X 28 thread adapter on barrel until hand tight using the factory barrel

   wrench (Do not over-tighten, damage to your barrel threads could occur).  

7.  Let thread locker dry per instructions on bottle. When dry you may screw the GSG

   Pro thread protector onto 1/2 X 28 threads