GSGPro Products

Extended Full Length Guide Rod

     The full length guide rod improves cycling, increases guide rod spring life, and makes your GSG or Sig Sauer 1911-22 pistol more reliable by keeping the guide rod spring straight during the cycling process. 



10 Round GSG Factory Magazine 

     We have a limited supply of these magazines as they sell out quickly.  We will take them off the page when we run out of stock. 




Improved Recoil Guide Rod Spring

     A state of the art replacement spring which ensures consistent and reliable performance from your GSG or Sig Sauer 1911. This spring has an extended life over the the stock spring. 




Thread Adapter with Thread Protector

     The thread adapter adapts the GSG or Sig Sauer 1911-22 to accept any barrel accessory with a 1/2 x 28 threads. These adapters are precision machined to ensure alignment with the bore of the barrel.  




 High Capacity Follower

The GSG 1911 high capacity follower replaces the factory follower and allows you to load 14 rounds in a factory GSG-1911 magazine with no other modificiations.   




Ruger SR-22 Guide Rod

This one piece guide rod provides smooth function and outstanding reliability on your Ruger SR-22.  The SR-22 guide rod guards against recoil spring bind for improved feeding and extraction.  Machined using stainless steel which adds extra strength and resists corrosion.  



 The GSG Pro Mk-22 Rifle Thread Adapter

A rifle thread adapter converts your MK-22 rifle to 1/2 X 28 threads which will allow you to add your favorite muzzle brake, compensator, flash hider or suppressor with the standard American thread pitch.  The GSG Pro MK-22 thread adapter is precision machined to ensure alignment with the bore of the barrel and then parkerized to give it exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion.      



GSG Pro Enhanced Recoil Spring Plug

Constructed from precision machined stainless or blued steel this plug improves the cosmetic appearance of your firearm and resists wear and marring. 



3lb Velocity AR Drop In Trigger

No gunsmithing required.






 GSG Pro - Beanie 

Keep your head nice and warm while shooting your favorite gun. 






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